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    Software Development
    and Staff Augmentation

    About us

    We are you strategic partner in custom software development.

    We are a custom software development company created in 2012 that works under the AgileFactory methods, with a talented team focused on finding effective solutions to your needs.

    Custom Software Solutions

    We look into the vision and the requirements of your business. We align with the technological trends that will enable the achievement of your goals.

    We work with agile frameworks

    We work under the best practices of SCRUM agile framework to deliver valuable software products, iteratively and incrementally, aligned with your business’s strategic goals.

    Success, for us, does not solely bank on an individual

    We work as a team, in which your company plays an active role; therefore, within SCRUM teams, our customers play a fundamental role on defining what your business expects from our product.

    Staff Augmentation

    Nearshore Staff Augmentation

    This is an outsourcing service, where you do not have to deal with the legal formalities of hiring a new member of your development staff. With this model, we help you build up high quality development teams so that you do not have to worry about your workforce and can focus more on making your business grow.

    Profiles you can access through our Nearshore Staff Augmentation Service:

    - Junior Developer

    - Intermediate Developer

    - Senior Developer

    - Technical Leader

    - SCRUM Master

    - Junior QA

    - Senior Quality Control

    Leave us your contact information to get a free consultation with one of our experts.


    We developed a web application for the validation of electronic tags for the storage of supplies, as well as an application that helps the medical treatment of diseases associated with migraine. The above through Angular, NodeJS, and Rust technologies.

    We are developing a web application that helps our customer keep track of a series of work items carried out by his employees. The app is completely customizable. The app is also integrated with a customer service that allows any person to request the creation of a legally established company in the USA. Among the used technologies in this project are: Angular, Java, and AWS.

    USA based startup with mobile and web apps designed for the elevator niche, assisting and managing the business-related services of the lifting industry.

    Why we are competitive?


    We work to achieve results, using the SCRUM agile framework for software development, which allows us to build up valuable solutions for our clients and their users.


    We have knowledge and experience in over 25 technologies used in the development of front-end, backend, database and middleware integration.


    We have certified international experience in the USA and Latin American markets.

    We develop the software that powers the future of your company.

    Leave us your contact information to get a free consultation with one of our experts.

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