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Java Developer for F2X

We are looking for developers with around 3 years of experience to work supporng agile teams on the construcon of Java plaorms. Direct contract with our ally F2X S.A.S. an outstanding company from the transport and toll sector.

    Required knowledge:

  • 1Strong knowledge on Java, Microservices, Spring boot, Spring Security, Spring Cloud and Spring REST.
  • 2Strong knowledge on SQL and PL querys.
  • 3Basic knowledge on Oracle data bases.
  • 4Knowledge on Hibernate, Open JPA, Spring data.
  • 5Experience with Angular JS or above, HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
  • 6Verifyable experience of minimun 3 years on app dev.
  • 7Experience with developments for companies involving several systems, teams, and user profiles.
  • 8Knowledge of agile frameworks.

    Desired skills:

  • 1Be familiar with AWS cloud technologies such as Lambda, Cloudwatch, EKS.
  • 2Knowledge on software architecture, Clean Code, SOLID and Developement pasterns.
  • 3Basic knowledge in integration and continuous deployment (Devops).

    Other skills:

  • 1Passion for programming.
  • 2Research movation.
  • 3Teamwork.
  • 4Service orientation.
  • 5Proactivity.
  • 6Problem solving and analysis.
  • 7Deteailed building and easy implementation practices.
  • 8Follow dev standards.
  • 9Code unit tests for the modules to ensure acceptance criteria.
  • 10Support and adjust existing projects.
  • 11Define unit tests.
  • 12Plan, define and take part on the selection alternatives to best solve the business needs.
  • 13Research for possible stopper solutions.
  • 14(Español) Investigar para encontrar soluciones eficientes a esos problemas que detienen al equipo de desarrollo.

    Opening Details:

  • 1Undefined term Colombian working contract.
  • 2Remote availability: yes.
  • 3Working mes: Full me, Monday through Friday.
  • 4Loca on: Medellin, Colombia (Remote work possibility).
  • 5The contracting company is F2X S.A.S.
  • 6(Español) La empresa contratante es F2X S.A.S.

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