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Death: a reflection on the pandemic

A brief reflection on the pandemic from a stoic point of view

Camilo Vahos
Development analyst

In my spaces of reflection (and even more so during the pandemic), I often think about death; in fact, I often think about this topic that can make people feel uncomfortable.

A few years ago I believed this was a mental problem of some kind. Later, with a little more books on top, I learned that some people had this same hobby and that they considered it as a necessary practice to appreciate the opportunity to live day by day.

This practice has become relevant for me at the current juncture. A global situation that has put almost everyone in the world into their homes and that has also claimed the lives of more than 414,000 people to date. A situation that has also had a psychological impact that we cannot calculate at this time and that will probably reveal its consequences in the post-pandemic world.

The fact is that many of us probably feel threatened by this invisible enemy that has taken away our habits, jobs, businesses, loved ones, and also threatens to take our lives. And as a plus of the modern world, the plague adjacent to that of the Covid-19 (which in fact has been with us for a long time), the bombardment of information on the subject and others, which seems planned to bring new concern every day. people’s heads.

This problem has taken more things from us than we think or are aware of. It has taken away the courage to act in spite of, the ability to focus on one thing at a time, the calm days without worries, that animal side that allows us to act like some prey of the lions in the Serengeti, who graze calmly near of them, waiting for the action of the predator to flee. We now live in despair of consuming new information to be concerned, so much so that we stop doing many important things by taking refuge in the excuse of fear. No, I am not saying that life should continue normally in this situation. What I mean is that, once we have the necessary information on the subject (precautions, political measures, and others), we do not have to pay attention to the count of infected or dead; maybe once a week, preferably on a Sunday, where we can sleep after watching the news or doing some other activity that distracts us from what we just consumed.

Regarding the running of the bulls, which has already become laxer in Colombia, and in the hope that it will not extend for more than six months (although mathematical models predict otherwise). I would like to share my conclusion (that of someone who, by the way, loves the street). If we used the stoic technique of putting everything in a higher perspective, after all, we were already locked up, in our small city, in our small country, and in superior terms, in our small world. And the truth is, we didn’t do that many things, at least not me. We had the same routine from Monday to Friday, we went out somewhere on the weekends, and maybe we went for a walk once or twice a year, and it probably wasn’t in any of the months that have passed, because statistics say that for Those dates do not usually leave the working class in our country.

This activity of being at home, alone, without distractions, without plans, with the background noise of the neighbor who always has the same playlist and who surely uses it to not think of anything. Perhaps many people, in this state, met someone, someone whom they had quite forgotten, with that version of them that arises in solitude, that begins to ask strange things, that remembers that they do not like the job as much as they think, that tells them that the couple is not so good, or on the contrary, that reminds them to take advantage of every second with the people they love, that tells them that they should try harder on their goals or change the strategy they are using, or enjoy a walk, or a thousand other things.

That being that takes us out of automatic mode!

And I want to share a secret, that person comes with an infinite plus, and it is the imagination. You can learn a lot from him or her and travel to unknown spaces, in short, the limit is set by everyone. The invitation is to enjoy these spaces, not to be afraid of being with ourselves, to explore our humanity, which seems to be saving it for the day of our death, where many people claim to see their whole lives pass before their eyes, Maybe it’s a reflection of all that they didn’t want to see when there was still time. Let’s enjoy every situation, good or bad, quoting the Taoist story, “The only fact here is that we have a pandemic that seems to be going to stay a long time. If that is good or bad, time will tell. ” It is not worth concentrating on what is not in our hands.

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