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Programming is quick and easy?

Programmer, easy and fast?

Habib de León Baños, Development Leader

Lately, I have seen that there are organizations on the Internet that offer programming courses with advertisement that leads people to think that learning to program is easy and and quick; and that anybody could do it.

In my opinion, the most important skills or characteristics that a programmer must have are logical reasoning and a love of learning.

The above is something that most people have, however, the software development process goes beyond writing code (text understood by the machine), a fundamental part is to devise solutions for the needs of users of the application (people or other applications) and it is here, that logical reasoning comes into play, of which you must have a very good level, in order, to carry out highly complex analyzes and result in effective solutions that cover all possible situations that may be present in the execution of the tasks that the application must do.

I have known cases of people who do not have this characteristic at a level that allows them to be effective as programmers and have chosen to use their talent in other professional activities.

Today, there are many technologies, methodologies, tools, and others, ready for the construction of software, some of which have been left behind in time and others are at the forefront. There is much that a programmer can or should learn to develop good quality software that meets the needs of today’s world.

The success of the programmer is in the pleasure of learning and he must like it a lot, because at no time will he be able to stop doing it. Being able to keep up with technology implies having a lot of dedication to study, which is made easier if you have a passion for the subject.

Something that makes me very happy is that the software development community is very open about sharing knowledge, unlike other sectors. People generally have a great desire to share their knowledge, experiences, and discoveries with the world. On second thought, is this one of the reasons why technology is advancing so fast? It may be.

At Cidenet the culture of continuous learning is lived, in fact, lately, we have been sharing knowledge in a space that we call PNC (Cidenet Leveling Plan) in which we seek to supply some need of the company through software development and to achieve this it is dictated a course among several collaborators where the use of different technologies/tools is taught.

In this space, people have the opportunity to learn about subjects that they may not have in their knowledge base, and those who teach the course end up strengthening their skills in those subjects because as they say, teaching is learning twice.

So, while being a programmer is not something out of this world, unlike what you “hear on the street”, not everyone can be a programmer and people do not become good programmers overnight.

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